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Participant Testimonials

Lisa Filipski: (2019)

Shannon's Piloslide class has changed my life. I joined on a whim with the idea that I'd try something different. 2 years later, I'm still going strong (literally!!) It was the best thing I could have done for myself and I'm so grateful to my friend for suggesting it. I'm 50 years old and  am stronger and more fit than ever. I've lost 25 pounds ( 15 the 1st  year then 10 in the next). It feels so good to actually be in control of my health and fitness. Shannon is a true inspiration to me and so many other awesome people.    

Christine T. (2019)

Thank you Shannon for introducing me to PiloSlide, it has been a life changer for me.  I have degenerative discs in my cervical and lumbar spine that used to cause me a fair amount of pain.  PiloSlide has helped me strengthen my core to the point of currently being pain free.  I've been doing PiloSlide for just over a year, the majority of which has been pain free.  Again, thank you Shannon and PiloSlide!! ❤

Tami I.: 

Instructions are clearly and always well explained. In my experience, there is always a learning curve when trying out new things, but Shannon builds everyone up to be able to succeed on their own level. 

She teaches to each participants abilities, modifying to all levels.  

 The PiloSlide workout is most definitely a TOTAL body workout and 

I have seen positive results in a short amount of time.  

Kathy M.:

In just 2 months of doing PiloSlide, I have gained muscle, lost weight and have become more determined with my fitness because of Shannon's very motivating teaching style!  I love the PiloSlide classes!

Heather F.:  

PiloSlide has definietely helped my back problems and I don't have to wear a back brace to work anymore.

Diane M.:

 Since doing PiloSlide, I have found that CORE training is just as important as cardiovascular training.  During PiloSlide class, Shannon makes certain to train various muscle groups and class is very fun, NEVER boring!  

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Are you looking to slim down your hips and thighs, and get a set of smooth abs? Then try this class out, it’s sure to get you motivated to move more and get you the shape you have been dreaming about. This is an intense, core, leg shaping, and booty lifting session that is safe, efficient, and effective.  

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Shannon has been sharing her passion for wellness with others for over 25 years as a Fitness Professional and RN.  

Teaching safe, effective and results driven exercise techniques.

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